Jun 09 2013

Brimstone Press announces three new novel lines

Brimstone Press is proud to announce the upcoming reading period for three new dark fiction novel lines.

We will be holding an open reading for three months from 1 July to 30 September 2013 for the following types of novels:

Eye of FireBrimstone – dark fiction for adults.

Horror, thrillers, and all sub-genres – including psychological, supernatural, apocalyptic, and Lovecraftian. The primary intent of your novel is to inspire fear or suspense in the reader.


BloodstoneBloodstone – dark romance.

Gothic and paranormal (no blatant porn). The primary intent of your novel is to explore tragic, taboo, and/or ill-fated relationships.


MoonstoneMoonstone – dark fiction for young adults.

Same as the above lines (Brimstone & Bloodstone) but aimed at a younger (teen) audience.




See the SUBMISSIONS page for full details on how to submit your manuscript.

Most importantly, don’t submit before the reading period starts. Early submissions will be deleted unread!


  1. John Irvine

    Do you have a general inquiries email address, or does one use the submissions address?


    John Irvine

  2. brimstonepress

    Hi John,

    Queries regarding anything other than novels will not be answered. However, if you have a novel query, please feel free to post it here or send an email, ensuring you use the requested subject line formatting (after 1 July).


    Angela Challis

  3. brimstonepress

    To interested authors,

    Please ensure your subject line is formatted exactly as requested; otherwise, it will be deleted by my spam filter.

    All emails sent to the submissions address prior to July 1st & after September 30th will also be deleted (unseen).


    Angela Challis

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