Double Reno

With the main house finally completed, you’d think it would be time to kick back and celebrate. But no – we’re moving onto the guesthouse now. Why? Because we have a wedding party renting it from us in just three months’ time, and Jim promised them it would be up to scratch.

I mean, it’s looking pretty good for a hundred year old farmhouse, but it’s almost definitely more ramshackle than these folks are expecting, so the race is on. As well as some external repairs, we also need to do a complete kitchen replacement. Melbourne is well equipped to provide for these kinds of operations, but solutions are in shorter supply out here in the bush, so we might have to take on some of the renovations ourselves if we want to get it done on time and to budget.

It’ll be awesome, though. Once it’s done, we’ll have this guesthouse for use in putting up friends and family, as a bed and breakfast, or as a retreat for the kids as they get older. So it’s worth putting in the effort now to bring the vision to life. I just need to engage my inner interior designer. Bathroom renovations are one area that’s going to take some doing, since it’s an outhouse situation and I’m not entirely sure how to connect that zone to the water mains. That’s probably something we should seek professional guidance on.

What else is on the list? We do want this place to be self-contained, so laundry facilities would be a good inclusion. Currently, there’s just an old basin and a piece of rope strung up in a doorway. There’s not really a designated room for the purpose, so there’s some work to be done in the laundry design department – perhaps it could fold into a cupboard off the kitchen or something.

The good news is that we can live in the main house while we’re doing this. I won’t miss living in the van, that’s for sure (at least, not for a while).