It’s Me, Guy!

Role play…gosh. Tuesday is always role play day at our Human Classes. I used to hate them greatly, but I’ve learned to enjoy them as my skills of infiltration have become greater.

“Hello, my fellows! What’s up, guys? It’s me, Guy Manny, your human friend and ally in the daily things. Did anyone see the sporting game last cycle’s eve? I have had much caffeine, and yet I still bear the early cycle fatigue!”

My portrayal is flawless. I’ve even begun to assign tasks and accomplishments to Guy Manny, thus expanding his character. Guy Manny used to work at a car service garage near Derby, you see. I chose that because it is a place near us, but also Derby is the name of a sentient mountain theme park planet near my home galaxy. Anyway, Guy Manny was a wonderful mechanic, but he eventually had to leave his job when he won a football medal and was thus forced into an extended holiday, where he hid for years.

Golly, I’m becoming very good at this. And guess what: he specialised in air conditioning regas services. Oh yes, Guy Manny has many skills. He’s a very deep person. I role-played a conversation with teacher, and I received a golden star for my ability to insert air conditioning regas services into the discussion with such fluidity. I was told that one day, I might actually be allowed to have a real conversation…with real people! That would be the dream: me and my fellow human-folk, booting the sneeze, chatting about our automotive petrol vehicles, and where to find the best auto air conditioning in Bendigo, and how best to find a mate to continue production of the species. You know, just ‘guy’ stuff. Guy stuff, with Guy Manny.

I know the wig and the extremely convincing mask make it hard to know for sure, but it’s true!