More Work, Really?

The latest in the Chronicles of Sandrine: after-work seminars. She came in today all flouncy and bouncy, stating that she’d “solved the problem of why morale is so low around here!” Then we were all called together for a special, emergency meeting where she took the entirety of lunch just to tell us that she was instigating after-work seminars. Compulsory after-work seminars, because more time at work is definitely what’s going to solve this, Sandrine. I wonder how much bleach you have to swallow to not die, just end up in the ER? Questions for later.

This week’s seminar is on property ownership, and according to the emailed syllabus, it’ll be covering the process of identifying the top property conveyancers Melbourne has to offer, and contracting their services. That’s simultaneously very grown-up and also incredibly childish. Like…does Sandrine not think that we can pick up a phone, or do a bit of online searching, and solve that problem ourselves? I shudder to think of what this is going to look like.

Sandrine, standing there at the front of the ‘class’, telling us all how to talk to a property conveyancer like we’re children learning how to talk to a person in a shop and buy an ice-cream. I guess Sandrine thinks that the reason morale has been so low is because we all just really want to learn how to navigate property transfers, and woe is all of us, for we have no idea how they work. I’m wondering if she’s managed to rope in a real property conveyancer to come and talk to the class…but I seriously hope not. No one else should have to come in here and suffer.

Enter the great hero of the hour, keeping us after work when we’re all tired, hungry and just really want to go home. As per usual, expect a wave of serious illnesses; it’s the only way you’ll be allowed to skip class.