A nasty fall

My grandmother is ninety-three years old, and she’s still one of the strongest and most active people I know. She loves going for daily walks down her main shopping strip and greeting all the store clerks. Since grandpa, her husband of seventy years, passed away she must feel an element of loneliness. When he was around she would never spend such a big chunk of her day going to the shops. Instead, she would stay home and drink tea with him and have lovely discussions. Their love for each other was beautiful. She’ll never admit that she’s lonely, as she doesn’t want to burden us. The thing is, she fails to see that she would never be considered a burden. Just like she has loved and cared for us over the years, we would do the same for her.

My mother gave me a call the other day to say that when she went to visit grandma the other day she noticed she had an awful bruise on the side of her face. Upon delving deeper into what happened, mum learned that grandma had taken a fall when stepping into the bath. Since her fall she’s had a terrible bruise on her face and on her arm. That’s when I suggested that we hire a Sydney-based bathtub modifications specialist, as I had recently heard about certain modifications that can be done to make baths more accessible for those who are disabled or elderly.

When I put the suggestion forward to my family, some suggested we put her in a home. I couldn’t think of anything more unfair. She’s perfectly capable of looking after herself. All she needs is easier tub access. I will more than happily put forward the entire bathtub remodel cost just so I can have peace of mind that she’s safe. I like to believe my granny still has a few more good years in her, so I just want to make that time as easy as possible for her and hopefully prevent any future falls.