A horrible driver

I’ll never say it to his face, but my boyfriend is a horrible driver. He regularly makes fun of me for my driving ability, but I think it’s a bit rich considering he’s the one who is an absolute menace on the road. It’s not even that he does anything dangerous, it’s just that he’s not scared to take risks. Now before anyone gets any wrong ideas, I think it’s important that I clarify what he does. While most drivers will happily drive at the speed of whatever car is in front of them, this is not something my boyfriend likes to do. If the road has an 80km/h speed limit, then in his eyes it is an absolute must that he drives at 80km/h. He will weave in between cars and change lanes constantly if it means he can get somewhere a bit quicker. To successfully pull off the manoeuvres he does, he will drive at a speed and then hit the accelerator before changing lanes. I constantly tell him that driving like this will waste his car’s petrol and do damage to his car. He disagrees but that’s why his car, unlike mine, sounds like it constantly needs to be taken in for a car service. Raceview has quite a few transport options too, but he will always use his car. I’m not judging him for using his car, but it does mean that he should probably get his car serviced sooner rather than later to avoid future issues.

My main driving flaw is that I’m a serial braker. I constantly have a foot hovering on the brake so I can react quickly if needed. Consequently, my caution has resulted in me noticing a few signs my car needs a brake repair. I just really don’t want to accidentally hit a car from behind, that’s probably why I’m so cautious. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not an aggressive braker that puts others at risk.