Joining the Property Sector

If I could be any holiday, it’d be a canal trip. Never been on a canal trip, and there aren’t any near me, so that’d be the closest I’d ever get to actually going on one. Except I wouldn’t be going on a canal trip…I would BE the canal trip. So that’s a bust, great.

I have an app that asks me a question like that every day, and it’s saved my life on my commute because I ALWAYS get super involved in this stuff. Like, I sit there the whole day pondering it, which is bad for my work, so…sorry, boss!

Yesterday’s was ‘if you could have any job in the property sector, which one would it be!’ Thursday’s question is always weirdly specific. That one was easy though: employing the services of a property advocate. Melbourne has enough real estate agents, and being a buyers advocate is just such an exciting prospect. It’s new, up-and-coming, special, and you get to look at really nice houses…all the time. That’s your job. You have a nice chat to people about what they want (I’m guessing), you draw up a list of potential homes (I assume) and then you walk around them making notes on your expensive clipboard (probably, I don’t know). Alright, I’m making a lot of assumptions here.

Mostly the thing that appeals to me is the high-end property thing. Everyone likes nice houses, but also, I would want to avoid conflict of any kind. If I was an estate agent and some landlord came to me and said ‘sell my house, estate agent person!’ and I looked at it and it was really horrible- like, a studio apartment without room for a bed and mustard carpets- I’d die a little bit inside.

Wouldn’t have that problem if I was a property advocate. In fact, the property advocates for hire in Melbourne seem to be the daring alternative. Their life is a bucket of thrills. PROPERTY thrills!

Alright, Thursday’s question is usually a bust, but I’ve got some mileage out of this one.