Real Adventure

Turns out the murder mystery thing had a limited shelf life. I tried to tell all the kids to keep it a secret, but I underestimated the power of social media and now everyone knows every single twist of my stories. And while I think kid-friendly mysteries are quite a novel concept, they do take me a while to come up with. Also, it’d be good to have more in my repertoire than just puppets attacking each other.

Everyone’s alright in the end, it’s fine…

So, I’m going into fantasy epics. Again, it’s adventurous for a kids party planner, but I’ve been to every single kids party venue in Butler and beyond, I know what they contain, and I think I can plan some really fun scenarios with a diverse cast of interesting characters. Plus, no one else is doing it. Most kids party venue planners get them to pin tails on donkeys, or play musical chairs. I aim to provide a much more rounded, narrative-driven experience that leaves them with vast thoughts about the universe, and why they should treat denizens of the neighbouring Goblin Kingdom with respect despite them looking different. That’s right: we’re covering racism. Except we’re doing it via proxy, which works well for children. There may also be a worksheet at the end to make sure they understand the themes of the party.

So, we have the kids going on a bold adventure through the play centre, all to find the Gem of Glitteron, which will stop the hostilities brewing between the Kingdom of the Elves and the Empire of the Ogres. Pretty sure I have a working narrative at this stage. Might test it out at this indoor play centre open in ButlerĀ where I live before taking it to the rest of Australia, however.