Lunar Flowers

One thing people seem to be forgetting for our glorious emigration to the moon is…flowers. Plants in general are important, which is why we’ll have our bio-dome to create oxygen, but no one thinks about the effect that colour has upon a society. It’s exactly the same principle of music, art and culture: remove all those things and tell people that they need to simply exist and survive, and you have anarchy.

I’ve done extensive research into a very specific set of plants and flowers that can exist in the lunar environment, taking into account their hardiness and variety in colour, for the psychological effects. Obviously the hosta family is at the top of the tier list. Hosta blazing saddles in particular provide such a burt of mood-raising colour that I can’t imagine them not being a part of our new, perfect society. They can also grow in a number of different environments as well, and what environment is more different than the moon? There’s still going to be adequate sunlight, but still.

And if we’re talking hardiness, one cannot look past the agapanthus. One could carry a flowerpot of them from Earth to the moon and they’d be totally fine, such is their resistance to drought. They require little care and grow almost anywhere. Anywhere, including…the bio-dome? For you see, this biodome will do so much more for us than simply providing oxygen. With my flower-growing ability, it shall be transformed into an oasis of relaxation and vibrancy. Those early days, when we are unaccustomed to the lunar environment, will be tough for us all. Therefore, I’ll be stocking up on agapanthus midnight cascade seeds, hostas, and a few others deemed worthy. They will be the very first lunar flowers, providing beauty and life to where there was once none.

Although only for admiring, at least at first. If anyone should PICK the flowers, I shall have to introduce them to the airlock…and then the vacuum of space.