Sew Over It

it’s come to the crunch. The way this office is arranged has officially become completely untenable. For the past couple of years, it’s been okay, but the team has grown a lot over that time and a more accommodating layout is long overdue.

The thing is, there’s also a lot of space going unused. Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s being poorly used. For instance, the cutting tables are arranged in a way that prohibits access to most of that free space alongside the windows, which has become home to assorted rolls of fabric that would be better stored off the ground.

In short, we need more thoroughfares between the furniture. That’d be totally achievable if everything was rearranged, with a few storage solutions and some smarter furniture factored in. Here in the north of Melbourne, office design ideas are a dime a dozen, and I’m pretty sure there’s one out there that’s capable of completely transforming the way we work in here. I’m 95% certain that it’s not time to start shopping for a new space just yet.

As always with these things, there’s more that could be done, beyond rearranging the layout of the workspace. In my book, it’s always possible to level up the quality of the fittings, especially in a field like ours where these can really affect the quality of the end product. When it comes to high-end commercial fitouts, Melbourne really takes the cake, so it should be easy enough to tee up.

Honestly, I really haven’t had the wherewithal to do anything about this until now. I’ve been sweeping it under the rug, literally – the vacuum cleaner cord isn’t long enough to reach between the power socket and the back wall. That’s another thing that needs attending to, come to think of it – how our machines and other technology connect to the built environment of our space. In fact, half the rationale behind the current layout is the configuration of power points, which leaves a lot to be desired.