Evil Space Wizard

Deep beneath the streets of Melbourne, something is growing. Something sinister. It’s a dark force that once fully formed will not be stopped. It started out as merely a half a pile of green liquified goop that spilled into the sewer. Now, however, it is so much more than that.

It’s Evil Space Wizard. While one half of Space Wizard’s liquified remains reformed into the wizard from space we all know and love, the other half merged with the sewer, its DNA combining with the darkest parts of humanity. The forgotten half of Space Wizard has reformed into its own sentient, evil form. He’s got all of Space Wizard’s moves with none of his kindness.

I see him now. Evil Space Wizard has almost finished reforming. When he’s done, he will probably destroy everything around him. Ah, yes, there he goes. Testing out his laser vision which makes anything it touches explode. Someone had better call for a sewer replacement service. Melbourne is going to need it. Locals will probably believe there has been an earthquake, but that’s just Evil Space Wizard going about his wanton destruction. What is he so angry about, I wonder? Perhaps he will go and get revenge on those who have wronged him during his short stay on Earth. Maybe he will attempt to slay the normal Space Wizard and take his place. Only time will tell, my friends.

Those of you who have blocked drains around Fairfield, Essendon or anywhere in between, you might want to wait before getting drain repair, because Evil Space Wizard may be destroying the sewer system near your home. There’s no telling how catastrophic the damage may be. Now he’s shooting beams of destructive light from his hands, which are causing the sewage tunnel to collapse. Soon enough Evil Space Wizard will leap out of the sewer and fly across the city of Melbourne to cause more damage. Who can save us from this monstrosity?