So Much TV

I don’t WANT to be one of those people who just comes home and watches TV, but the thing is, the quality of television is WAY up. I always watch ‘Week of Our Lives’ during dinner, and then it’s ‘Echolocation!’ (essential viewing), and then you can’t miss the latest episode of ‘The Great Australian Trade-Off’ if it’s on that night, and now Lizard’s Lair is making sure I never get to bed on time, ever.

You just can’t miss it when people do crazy things like present an outboard motor that never needs servicing. This guy seemed convinced that he was going to put all the outboard motor servicing companies in Melbourne out of business, which turned out to be not even close to being true. He gave his Wonder Motor a good slap and a piece blasted off, upsetting two of the Lizard tables and smashing through a window. Apparently he used an oxygen propellant system…efficient enough, but extremely-prone to internal problems. See, I didn’t KNOW that about outboard motors yesterday. Now I can go to work and drink coffee and look like a pro by telling everyone that ‘hmm, yeah, oxygen propellant, not such a good idea. Efficient enough, but prone to internal combustion, hmm, erudite coffee sip, yes.’

I have to be careful though. Other people watch Lizard’s Lair, so I have to make sure I’m not talking to them, and that I regurgitate the information in a casual way. Sometimes I even do some extra research to make it sound legitimate. Like the importance of anchor winch repairs in Melbourne for people with boats that don’t want them to float away. It’s common sense really but a lot of people neglect their anchor winches. It’s not the juiciest bit of trivia, but it’ll help my case to slip it in there somewhere.

Basically, I watch TV to learn. Is that such a bad thing? Could I be using my time better?