Automobile Marvels

I don’t know what our ancestors would think of these ‘automobiles’…which is why I’m going out to the shrine tonight to have a chat with them. I don’t think they’re be much of a problem, to be honest. In many ways, the spirits of the ancestors are more progressive than us elderly leaders of the clan. I suppose when you cast off your physical form and hang out in a timeless spirit world all day long, you become a bit more chilled about…well, everything. Sounds quite nice, actually. I look forward to it someday.

Anyway, we’ve managed to make excellent progress in integrating cars into our line of work, even if some of the younger folks have said that they’d like to pursue other avenues. We’ll still need their advice, though; apparently you have to take a car to a mechanic in Ringwood for a roadworthy certificate, and most of those words didn’t even mean anything to me. So…it’s a machine, and this machine has the potential to do a great deal of damage if it is not sound, so there have to be official car inspections to make sure it is ready for the road. To make sure it is…’road worthy’. A roadworthy certificate, if you will.

Oh, NOW it all makes sense. Yes, we’re quite stringent with quality control regarding our tools as well! Obviously if you bind a wind monster into a scroll, you can’t just seal it with any old ribbon. It needs to be one charged with the opposing element, less the wind monster break free. Sometimes it does so with a great deal of noise, or it could have fled in secret, and then you open the scroll during a mission and it’s empty. No help.

Cars are the same, yes. One must make sure the tires are in good shape, so that’s what the brake servicing experts close to Ringwood are for. Top it up with oil (for some reason) and petrol (more obvious) and make sure the noises are all normal. We muffle those with stealthy techniques, so…got to be extra vigilant there.