Staying on track

I was the most disorganised student to ever walk through my school’s corridors. I was more interested in cars, girls, and playing basketball. I was that kid who would always forget their textbooks or pencil case. I remember the school giving us organisation planners to help us keep track of our homework. The girls would all keep their diaries in pristine condition, meanwhile, mine had scribbles all over it and looked like it had been through a shredder.

School seemed like a waste of time to me. I was the class clown who would forget his homework and would be too preoccupied with making people laugh. The only class I enjoyed was the woodwork class. Albeit, I saw the class as a way to waste time. As I turned seventeen I started realising that the occasional pocket money from my parents wasn’t enough so I figured it was time I started looking into an actual career path. That’s how I became a tradie. It was the only thing I knew I’d somewhat enjoy studying.

Admittedly, when I first became a tradie I did struggle with balancing my time and keeping track of my jobs. That’s when my plumber friend told me he has a plumbing job management software that he uses. We were out for post-work drinks one Friday and he saw me constantly checking my phone. Then he saw me start responding to emails. He asked what I was doing. I found that to be a weird question as I figured I was just doing what all tradies do, and that is respond to clients. He then told me that there’s software I can use that will help me keep track of the different jobs I have, send off invoices, track invoices, and manage my time better. This blew my mind! As soon as I went home that night I started doing some research online for a trade scheduling software for Melbourne tradesmen. It surprised me how many apps and software existed specifically for tradies to stay organised. I guess tradies became tradies for their building skills, not their planning.