Tight calves

Has anyone experienced tight calves before? I have. The pain can be absolutely excruciating. For a long time, I assumed the pain was something muscular. For example, when you exercise heaps and end up with sore arms or a sore abdomen. That’s what this calf pain would feel like. It felt like my calves were straining. I’ve tried to find a pattern in when this strain would happen but honestly, I’ve had no such luck. At one point it seemed like it would happen when I was exercising a lot, but then it seemed like it would occur when I hadn’t been active enough. That’s when I started thinking that it might be muscle atrophy. Apparently, I’m too young to have muscle atrophy happen so quickly after being inactive, plus this pain would continue for days. The most debilitating it had ever been was when I couldn’t even bring myself up and down the stairs without being in agony.

One day I was browsing through the internet and realised that maybe this issue could in fact be something to do with circulation. That’s when I decided that it’s probably best I buy some compression stockings. I had seen heaps available in chemists but they all appeared to be for travel. Surely it shouldn’t make a difference if I buy travel stockings or ones from a proper podiatrist? After all, compression is compression, isn’t it? It seemed like the stockings had initially resolved my issue but as time went on I noticed they made no difference and that the stockings had stretched.

I think it’s best I bite the bullet and purchase a more expensive pair of stockings from a podiatrist. I hope I can buy some from the podiatrist near Cheltenham without having to pay too much. I’m only working part-time now so I really can’t afford to pay heaps on a pair of stockings. Then again, if it stops this pain then maybe it’s worth it? I just hope that this issue is one that can be solved and it isn’t a symptom of something more serious.