Stress Somewhere

I know conveyancing is usually concerned with property and title transfers, all things to do with moving from one property to another, but do you think there’s a chance they could go a bit further? Like, transferring me to the moon? That’d definitely solve this little problem I’m having with hating my life.

Gosh, moving is stressful. We’re going to the other side of Melbourne, I have to go to a new school for the last couple of years of my education, and my little brother continues to be the spawn of evil. Mum and Dad keep going to meetings with the conveyancing office in Cheltenham and they’ve left us a ‘to-do-list’ of stuff they want us to pack while they’re gone. I’m trying, really I am, but Vaughn is being a pest as per usual and I swear yesterday he tried to throw out a box of my valuables. He said it was an innocent mistake…which is a bald-faced lie. I labelled that box very clearly.

Just curious, what IS the minimum age for a person to live out of home? I should tag along to a conveyancing meeting (which should be fine…I’m taking an interest in the family business) and maybe stick around for a little bit afterwards to ask them about legal stuff. I seriously think this would be detrimental to my studies, this whole moving thing. Maybe I can apply for a…thing. Something that means I can move out of home early. If anyone was going to know about that stuff, if would be people who do property conveyancing.

Mum and Dad MIGHT come around if I told them that it would help with my studies, there are a few of my friends at school who would be on board with getting out of their homes, and Vaughn wouldn’t care. Our feelings about wanting to both be only children are mutual.

Wish the conveyancers could convey HIM to the moon. Would solve a lot of my problems, and probably a lot of other people’s.