Welcoming Coffee Walls

Decals aren’t enough. We need something a little more…permanent.

I know big companies creating decorative window film mostly work with corporate clients, but we ARE commercial. And our cafe is right in the CBD, so we get a lot of corporate clients. In fact, people come from all the high rise buildings all around to use this as their informal breakroom. I’m pretty proud of that…it means they’d rather come to us, instead of using their pod coffee machine or whatever.

So, decorative windows. Obviously we’re going to want a coffee theme, but something a little more interesting than that. I’ve seen some of the types of decorative windows you can get, ad dots seem to be really popular. Like, squares made of colourful dots. They lend an air of professionalism, but not really what we were going for. There are loads of designs, so what I’m thinking are sets of coffee cup shapes…made of beans. So replace the square with a coffee cup, and replace the dots with beans. Bean coffee. It’s what we do.

There is a small risk that it’ll end up looking tacky, however, and we won’t attract the corporate side if our window glass advertises our tackiness from the outside. It’s such a fine line, right? You don’t want the place to look too formal, like it’s just another office, but I don’t want to make it look like a greasy spoon type place with metal tables and all-day breakfasts. If your breakfast goes all day, then it’s not a real breakfast.

Maybe frosting would work, for that business privacy. Commercial window tinting? It’s like…privacy, but not super unfriendly. Maybe we can add a few decals to suggest that the window tinting is like a cup of coffee. A big ol’ coffee right there in the window. I can see this working.