It’s Me, Guy!

Role play…gosh. Tuesday is always role play day at our Human Classes. I used to hate them greatly, but I’ve learned to enjoy them as my skills of infiltration have become greater. “Hello, my fellows! What’s up, guys? It’s me, Guy Manny, your human friend and ally in the daily things. Did anyone see the …

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Automobile Marvels

Anyway, we’ve managed to make excellent progress in integrating cars into our line of work, even if some of the younger folks have said that they’d like to pursue other avenues. We’ll still need their advice, though; apparently you have to take a car to a mechanic in Ringwood for a roadworthy certificate, and most …

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Cars Are Alright

Wait…that may have been another episode. Seriously though, what happened to all those shows in the 90s that were all about saving the environment, or just…teaching you things? I went to get my annual car check up with a mechanic open in Bentleigh the other day, and I suddenly had a strong flashback to my …

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