Broken Shower Fury

I am so frustrated with my parents. For some reason, our shower caved in and we now have a gaping hole in the floor where the tiles used to be. You can literally see the dirt on the ground below the house, that’s how bad it is. Hearing this I’m sure you’d think that this is something that wouldn’t be a problem for long, because most reasonable people would get a gaping hole in their shower fixed. Right? Wrong.

My parents are refusing to get a professional renovation design company to come in and fix the shower. It’s something to do with insurance and trying to get the shower repairs paid for, but our insurance claim has already been denied! Apparently, these things happen once a house is over twenty years old. It means my parents just have to get on with it and pay for shower repairs.

I know it’s not ideal and I know it’s going to cost money, but it’s been six months. I am absolutely sick of feeling like I’m camping in my own house. I have to carry my belongings to and from the shower every day. I can’t leave anything in there, not even my towel, out of fear it’ll get damaged or worse… used. 

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve offered to help pay for the luxury bathroom designers in Melbourne to come to our house. I can’t contribute much as I only work part-time whilst at university, but at least it’ll help. They shot the idea down, which I’m not surprised about, but they still haven’t done anything! I was trying to help, for my own good as much as theirs. Why can’t they just take out a loan or something? We could remortgage the house? We could rent out our spare room? Literally, do anything. I can’t deal with sharing one shower among four people anymore. It sucks.