Renovation Rivalries Begin

In the quaint suburbs of Melbourne, two families embarked on the adventurous journey of bathroom renovations. The Clarkes of Beaumaris were brimming with unbridled enthusiasm, their spirits as high as the pile of mismatched tiles that now adorned their living room floor. Armed with an arsenal of DIY tools and a dangerously overconfident attitude fueled …

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Broken Shower Fury

I am so frustrated with my parents. For some reason, our shower caved in and we now have a gaping hole in the floor where the tiles used to be. You can literally see the dirt on the ground below the house, that’s how bad it is. Hearing this I’m sure you’d think that this …

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Fire and Swim-stone

Do you think it’s possible to blend a swimming pool with a bath? It’s like… a pool that’s warm, but not just a garden-variety heated pool. You can wash in it, and add nourishing salts and healing clays to the water. But you don’t have to empty it every time you use it, as you …

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