Trust issues

I’ve got some serious trust issues and I’m afraid it dips into all areas of my life. I think it might be something that stems from my dad abandoning us as kids? My friends have asked me what I’d do if he appeared in my life again, I think I’d have to ignore him. I don’t think I could easily trust him to stay in my life. He can’t get mad at me, it’s his fault for leaving me at nine years old. Then I had my dog run away when I was fourteen. That was also a terrible day. I could never figure out why my dog would do such a thing. My trust issues probably aren’t helped by the fact my girlfriend of five years was cheating on me with a best friend I’d had since my childhood so not only was my girlfriend lying to me for half my relationship but so was my best friend.

It’s these events that have made me grow into a person who is suspicious of everyone and everything. I struggle to trust doctors, bosses, friends, or family. I was struggling to trust most mechanics too until I found a trustworthy mechanic near Morayfield. Now he is the only person I ever go to. I’ve been in therapy for this trust issue. My therapist seems to believe that the root of it all is that I am scared of abandonment or being deceived. I think given the events that I’ve had happen, it makes sense. 

Speaking about the mechanic, he’s an absolute gun when it comes to fixing any troubles I have when it comes to my car. Recently he did a great brake repair which really helped to solve the problem of my car sliding every time I hit the brakes. I suppose I should treat this as part of my therapy. Not all people will deceive me. My mechanic has always been super honest. Maybe I need to use this as some reassurance that people aren’t inherently dishonest.