Cars and Letters

Dear Mum and Dad,

I will be the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake. However, I am happy to report that moving overseas has been one of the best experiences of my life. Whilst I miss you both dearly, I hope you can understand how I might be enjoying myself. The local parks are beautiful and it’s been so sunny that I’m actually beginning to get a tan!

How are you both? I hope everything is going well at home. I finally got a car and am making use of dad’s insistence that I needed to learn to drive a manual. It’s an old second-hand car. It definitely needed some tender love and care. I’ve done all of the DIY car maintenance; topped up the coolant and brake fluid, performed an oil change and even replaced the windshield wipers! (Yes, I did that without any help, dad.)

It makes a strange noise when I turn the key in the ignition though. I’m having a car mechanic near Underwood check it out this week in case there is something wrong with the engine. It’ll also be a good excuse to give it a general car service, too. Lord knows how long it’s been since it got one. 

I wanted to ask Dad: What are the reasons for my car taking a long time to start? It makes a noise when I turn the key, but then it takes several tries to actually start. I am worried that there’s something wrong with the battery. Please don’t tell me I have to also find a place for car battery replacement near me

The more that this problem continues, the more I wish that I had you guys to rely on. It’s been really hard to live so far away from you, car problems aside. I hope that you are taking care of each other. I’m sending you both heaps of invisible hugs alongside this letter!

I hope you can feel it. 

Love you both,