Renovations and Rapscallion

The creature crashed into Tammy with the force of a heavy boulder. Her knees shook dangerously underneath her, trying to hold steady. Slobber ran down her arms as she tried to shield herself against the excitable storm.

Heavy stone paws found their way onto her chest. Already unsteady, she fell to the ground. There was little time to catch her breath. An onslaught of wet kisses landed on her arms, cheeks and legs. “Alright buddy, I’m down,” Tammy cried out, laughter creeping past her lips. “I’m down!”

Satisfied with the attention, the chimera bounded off her, choosing to instead run circles around her legs. Tammy used the nearby kitchen counter to stand and brushed the yellow fur from her pants. She tread carefully on the modern tiling she had installed, the brand new tiles already slick with spit. “If I knew that you’d show up, I wouldn’t have spent all that time consulting with the kitchen designers near Melbourne.”

Tammy inspected the ‘damage’ of his attention. Her pure white pants were coated with a thick muck. Annoyance flashed through her body like lightning, fast but ultimately dissipating into thin air. There was no way to stay annoyed as the chimera tilted his head, panting as it drew in sharp breaths of air.

“I guess I did a number on you too,” she smiled, walking into the laundry room to chuck her pants into the machine. Alongside the laundry renovations, she had insisted on a laundry machine replacement and a dryer installation. Maybe the chimera was helping her test out her new home design. 

It certainly seemed like the creature was intent on testing the durability of all of the kitchen furniture. The amount of teeth marks she had found on the armchair was astounding. The creature had adopted her, showing up on her doorstep unannounced and waltzing into the apartment. She hadn’t had the heart to kick it out, but now she wondered. How was she going to take care of it?