Virtual Stress Management

You know…I don’t think there’s any stress management within Over-Botch itself. I’m talking about the regular game here, and not the league. They’re pretty strict about people setting themselves up with anything to do with mental health, since you’re dealing with real people in that profession and not, like…a car. The only job that’s been …

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Assemble That Chamber

Things are definitely heating up as we reach the grand finale of The Great Australian Trade-Off, Season 2… which I guess is why they decided to grind things to a halt with a one-off Christmas special. All the big shows get Christmas specials, so I guess it’s a sign of health. That’s something to breathe …

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Oxygen To Go

It’s really quite amazing that you can get portable hyperbaric chambers nowadays. I used to worry about travelling, hoping that I wouldn’t have any breathing problems while I’m away from home. Now, the whole thing can just be shipped off to Perth, which means I can visit Gina and Darcy in Perth over the summer …

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