Virtual Stress Management

You know…I don’t think there’s any stress management within Over-Botch itself. I’m talking about the regular game here, and not the league. They’re pretty strict about people setting themselves up with anything to do with mental health, since you’re dealing with real people in that profession and not, like…a car. The only job that’s been coded into the game has been motivational speaker, and there’s only a tiny handful because there’s less need for them within the game.

But corporate stress management training has some room to grow, I think. We got the corporate version in my real world job, and actually, while it takes a special type of person to deliver that sort of training, the techniques themselves are quite deceptively simple. I guess that’s the idea, after all. You don’t really know how to diffuse your stress while you’re getting stressed, but it all seems so simple and obvious afterwards. There’s a way to custom create your own job and submit it to the development team for approval, and with how stress management has been a big deal in the league, I really think there’s room for it in Over-Botch. And even if I’m just training, I’d like to at least pass on some of the lessons I’ve learned.

People in the game aren’t exactly the picture of mental health. A lot of them are playing because they want to develop skills and escape jobs that they hate, or they play for the realism that nevertheless gets them away from the everyday grind. I bet some really basic stress management could help, even if it’s not, like, as ‘real’ as the stress management training courses you’d get in an office, in which I have a fair amount of experience. Well, the one session, but I took wicked notes, man.

Got to remember, the car repairs and window washing in the game isn’t real either. We’re all just hoping we can make it so, someday.