Compliment the Cool

I’ve done a lot of traveling recently, ever since I got this job. They’re always sending me off to places; in fact, I have a meeting with a CEO in Brisbane this weekend. I haven’t done ANY research on what the company actually does, which is just terrible because it happened once before and I got into a hearty discussion with a guy about mobility scooters when their company actually built apartment complexes. I mean…he seemed to really enjoy the discussion. Mobility scooters really can be serious business, I’ve found.

Anyway, this is a company that provides basic amenities to government facilities in Canberra. Air conditioning repair, heating services…uh…I’m looking into it right now and trying to make a list. 

Wow, they’re really proud of their air con services. Not that they wouldn’t be! It’s all done through third parties, with a massive network. They do receive complaints and requests and all that. People complain “We need air con, summer is here, the elderly folks in this elderly folks’ home are melting!”.  Then this company goes and sends them out. Or they call an air con guy in and he sorts it all out for them. How nice.

Alright, looking at this, I can see that they’re pretty proud of their response times. But what I’m trying to do is go in there and make them proud of their fine velcro handrails, so I need a plan. I’ll walk into his office and make a casual comment on the quality of the air conditioning. Where else can I get air conditioning services in Canberra this fine? That’s what I’ll ask. And we’ll get on like old school chums. That’s how you clinch a business deal, in my opinion. A good bit of banter, find out what they like and then you move in for the big deciding play. Works every time, if you do your research.