Dance, Power Station

If energy could be generated via dance, I would have UNLIMITED POWER! Our whole family could have unlimited power. In fact, I’ve never properly looked into it. I know you can generate power via cycling on an exercise bike, so surely dance must be a viable alternative. Oh, you say you need the power of a machine? I AM A MACHINE. A powerful machine or arts and creativity.

I went to an interpretive dance conference on the weekend, and for the more green-energy focused among us there was an elective on how dance can change the world. Most of what was discussed was on the usual inspiration, but I began to think of commercial energy monitoring. Melbourne is currently a pioneer of green energy in this country, what would happen if that technology was used to even greater lengths. If, for example, hundreds of people gathered and danced for an hour, how much power could they generate? Surely, a great deal of power. Industrial solar systems are great, but why rely on the sun for our energy needs? It already gives us so much…why take more? Dance is the way, and so it shall be the saviour of humanity. Imagine if there was a massive energy crisis tomorrow and all our energy options- coal, nuclear, solar- they all became useless. What would we have , if not dance? Just hook someone up to a battery and they can use their rhythm to provide power. Motion cannot be underestimated; it’s why coal is burned in the first place, after all. All this energy monitoring, and we still haven’t unlocked humanity’s true energy potential.

At some point, we’ll be using so much power that the commercial solar systems installed in Melbourne will need some help…or at least, we’ll need power at night as well, while the sun is hiding. Thus, the night will be powered…by dance. Interpretive dance, no less. the very best kind.