My Desk Underwater

Sometimes I start to complain about having a desk job, and then I remember that some people literally walk into fires to save people for a living, and I don’t feel like I should be complaining.

And then I think…’those people DID choose to do that, so maybe I shouldn’t feel bad for them?’ And then my boss comes to tell me I’m getting distracted again and I need to get back to work. Still, I think I raise a good point, now that I consider it further with my boss in a head-of-departments meeting. People do dangerous work and that’s pretty cool. Don’t mind that. People here in Melbourne do stainless steel marine welding, so it said on ‘From A to B’ the other night, and that’s my favourite show so of course it’s going to make my ears prick up. Marine welding is a tough gig, from the looks of things. Welding is already dangerous enough, and some people do it while dangling from wires. Double the danger. Then some other people do it dangling from wires, underwater, because that’s the marine part of the marine welding I guess. So now we’re up to triple danger, and I’m just wondering what kind of hazard pay THAT would net you. You probably need to do a whole other qualification to be an underwater welder, so as to…not die, and stuff. Maybe that’s all going to be revealed in part 2 next week, because the promo for Friday’s episode seemed to be all about skateboards.

Still…underwater welding, eh? And here’s me, choosing to be at my desk job. Could be choosing to train as an underwater welder. Or an over-water welder if I’m not into that. Could just get a job fixing fishing rod holders and bow rails, give me a taste for the sea life. And if I like it, then…great. Definitely going to have more fun at work than I am right now, regardless of danger.