The Lightning Master

Obviously, I’m the one in control of the lightning, but I feel like I should tone it down. Back in my native realm, it was a neat little party trick in times of peace and a terrifying tool when we were under attack by the trolls, or the spider-folk, or sometimes the gnomes if too …

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The Parent Overlord

Today I watched the sunrise show, which I haven’t done for an incredibly long time, and I was quickly reminded why. This unbearable woman came on and started talking about her new book, The Gentle Parent. Sounds like she just doesn’t hit her kids, but sadly, that wasn’t all. She’s got all these stupid little …

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Dance, Power Station

If energy could be generated via dance, I would have UNLIMITED POWER! Our whole family could have unlimited power. In fact, I’ve never properly looked into it. I know you can generate power via cycling on an exercise bike, so surely dance must be a viable alternative. Oh, you say you need the power of …

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