Decking Out My Room

As a quick glance at pretty much any of my school-books will tell you, I’m all into personalisation. Just having a plain exercise book with my name written on the front isn’t enough. No…every single thing I own has to reflect me. That’s the rule. It’s a great rule, ten points to your particular house. I recently went to a friend’s house and she had this custom removable wallpaper all over the place. Specifically, she had all the titles of her favourite books literally printed directly onto her wall, along with a bunch of really incredible pictures. She didn’t even have to hang any pictures, or risk them falling down or getting crooked. That stuff was just…on the wall. With the power of science. And adhesive. What a combo.

As the official queen of personalisation, I need to get some of this stuff for my room. My Aunt and Uncle are renters for now, so printing things onto the wall probably wouldn’t go down quite so well. I can still get those wall graphics that just print off and stick on, so you can take them anywhere.

And what would I put onto my fair, yet relatively blank wall? That is indeed the question. I have far more interests than I do wall space. I mean, I could have a Firefly wall, a Magic Wall, a Science wall, a wall dedicated to Comics, one with graphics from cartoons, maybe a few pictures of people I admire and that’s like six walls when I only have four. The posters will all have to be shoved to one wall, because that terrible piece of artwork I drew of Spider-Man when I was in prep must remain as a constant reminder for me to achieve greater heights.

I actually do not have the wall space for this. Who knew that designer wallpaper could be such a headache? In any case, this needs some careful thought. I’m no interior designer, but there will need to be measurements. See how I’m the queen of personalisation? Yeah, this just went to a whole new level. Stay individual my friends.