Imagine Pest Controllers

Oh, well, it just seems there’s a service for everything in this realm. We had the basics, like shoemaking and leather tanning, but where I’m from if you wanted something done, then you could jolly well do it yourself. Termites in your home? Well, prepare yourself for many hours and days or gruelling labour, involving burning everything with candles you probably couldn’t afford to get the disgusting things out and protect your home. Of course, wizards could simply summon flames- it’s what we learn on the very first day at the academy- but not everyone has that fine control. Thank heavens I lived in a castle made from stone.

I haven’t had pest control problems in my abode as of yet, but while we were mopping the floor of the bowling alley, Dylan was asking if I had recommendations for really good value pest control near Berwick because they’ve had “ants up the wazoo.” For a moment, I genuinely thought he was referring to the Hallowed and Sacred Mountain of the Wazoo Bird, the semi-divine avian overlord who makes storms and gets peckish for the eyeballs of a pure virgin every hundred years. I was on the verge of telling him NOT to remove his daughter’s eyes in appeasement because we’re in the middle of the cycle, the Wazoo Bird won’t be hungry, and besides, the Insect Monarch was the deity to talk to about pest control…but then I didn’t. Sometimes earth phrases bear similarities to ours; it’s best not to dwell on it. Besides, the Monarch only accepts hour-long choreographed dance performances as payment, and I’ve seen Dylan dancing. Two left feet and a lot of flailing limbs.

So instead, I think he went for an expert in pest control, Sorrento was where the lad was from. Ants seem to be easily dealt with as far as pests go. No fire needed; just a bit of pest removal know-how. There are people here who do that for a job…that still surprises me. But pest control makes a lot more sense than dog party planning. I mean…WHY?