Fire and Swim-stone

Do you think it’s possible to blend a swimming pool with a bath? It’s like… a pool that’s warm, but not just a garden-variety heated pool. You can wash in it, and add nourishing salts and healing clays to the water. But you don’t have to empty it every time you use it, as you would with a bath. That would be a waste of water, if it’s going to be the size of a swimming pool, which it is. 

What am I describing here? Does it already exist in some kind of obvious way, or is it a genuinely innovative design concept? I understand that, when it comes to bathroom designers, Melbourne takes the cake for cutting edge thinking that blends the boundaries between traditionally separate zones, but I’ve never heard the idea of a pool-bath mentioned. 

What other possibilities are hiding under the radar? How about a bath-kitchen? I don’t see why that couldn’t be a thing; it’s not like kitchen installation isn’t a complex operation to begin with, so adding a bath to the mix shouldn’t overly complicate matters… should it? I mean, they both run off the same hot water supply. 

If you did want a simpler way of doing it, you could just add some gas flames with cooking grills to the bathroom – or, going one better, the pool-bath room. Now there’s a concept: fire and water, together at last. I really can’t fathom how this concept hasn’t come up before, actually. It couldn’t be simpler. 

To be fair, the finer points of how to make it all work logistically might be more complex than I realise. I’m not a plumber, for starters, or a gas technician. I’m just a guy who wants to bathe in Indiana Jones style glory, safely ensconced in the comfort of his own home. And, ideally, I’d like to be able to grill steaks while I do that.