The ‘Other’ Earth

I don’t see why I have to attend Human Classes when I AM human. I may have come here via an electromagnetic wormhole that shunted me onto a parallel Earth, but I’m still from ‘Earth’. Just not this one, specifically. 

I guess all the customs and the technology are fairly different, so I’m begrudgingly learning a lot. There’s technically no individual Melbourne on my world; Australia is a gigantic floating mega city divided into districts, with the Melbourne equivalent being Kangaroo Row. There was a show-and-tell at the start of the lesson, with Blizz telling us about his holiday down south, and the tattoo artist in Melbourne who was able to commemorate his trip by giving him a tattoo of local skyline. They apparently found that his skin was too hard and frozen for their regular needles, so they needed to bring out the heavy duty stuff, and I’m surprised that I remembered anything about tattoo shops because I was too busy looking around at the class. I had it confirmed for me that day that (at least in this universe) time travel, aliens, wizards and frost wights all exist. The human-looking robot wasn’t such a shock; they’re the oppressed underclass on the floating nation of Australis. I’m just surprised that there aren’t more of them here.

Tattoos are frowned upon in our world, ever since the one-Earth government attempted to stomp out all free expression. It was also problematic for a few years to have anything that wasn’t a bowl-cut, but after the government was overthrown and the nations all went to war with each other, free expression was revived. Still, no tattoo parlours or artists, since they burned in the Great Purge, so it’ll be a long time before anything gets one of those. Maybe I’ll get one while I’m here. Really live a little in a world where you can travel and not everyone is firing at each other all the time.

According to this ‘internet’ there’s a really good tattoo studio near Brisbane.

Brisbane…do they mean the North-Eastern Mega fortress of Queenslantica? It’s a geographical match…