Freelance Fabricators

My brother and I have decided to throw in the towel and stop working for someone else, and instead, dive straight into the freelance world. Our last boss stepped out of line so many times and last week was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We now want to become known as the best structural steel fabricators in Melbourne yet somehow that won’t be possible because we were ten minutes late one morning to work once.

Our former boss received so many recurring clients through the great work we had done. Then to top it off, my brother was taking a slightly longer than usual toilet break due to some dodgy pie he had eaten on his lunch break. Our boss had the audacity to come in, demand he leave the bathroom, demean him in front of all the staff, and then dock an hour of his pay. I swear this guy was so lucky that I’m not the hot-headed twenty-year-old I once was. Now, nearing thirty, I’ve definitely calmed in my way.

We decided to pack out tools, hand in our work shorts and not return. My wife believes this is a hasty decision, especially as we have just started paying a mortgage, but she doesn’t realise how bad the situation was. No one deserves to be treated so inhumanly. I felt like we were a bunch of circus monkeys being made to prance around for our boss’s entertainment.

This might be a bit sneaky but before leaving the job, I ended up forwarding the contacts of Melbourne metal suppliers from my work email to my personal email. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t do something like this but if you’re going to speak poorly to your staff, then expect karma to get you. Due to my brother and I actually being nice guys, we have a positive relationship with all the suppliers so they were happy to start working with us directly. Hopefully, this change is for the better!