Veneers anyone?

Everyone has things they wish they could change about themselves. Some people wish they were taller, some wish they were slimmer, some people want blue eyes, some people wish they had hair while others wish they were blonde. My feature that I wish I could change is my teeth. I am so insecure about my smile to the point there are no photos of me smiling. My teeth haven’t always been bad, and I think that’s what makes it even harder. I don’t like to tell too many people about this insecurity but I can tell that people notice my teeth when they look at me. Over the last five years, I have been saving money to book an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist for veneers near me.

During my late teens, both my parents passed away in a car accident. It was an extremely traumatic time for me as overnight I went from having a family to suddenly becoming an orphan. I had no grandparents, no siblings, nothing. At the age of eighteen, I was suddenly all alone. I fell into a terrible depression and started to really neglect myself. The process of self-neglect started with feeling like I couldn’t sleep or eat. Rather than trying to force myself to sleep or eat, I’d stay up all night and starve myself or eat fast food. Due to the lifestyle I was living, my teeth really took the brunt of the punishment. I’m ashamed to admit that at one point I didn’t even brush my teeth in a year. 

Sadly, many of my teeth are stained yellow, have fallen out, or chipped. I plan to contact a few Bayside dental specialists to see if they can help give me a new smile. It would mean the world to me. My teeth really do wreck my confidence and I think this will be the final step for me to live a better life. I feel I can never smile or carry myself properly with my current teeth. I’m even embarrassed to show my dentist my teeth!