Letter from William

Dear William Hunter Jr.

I hope this letter finds you well. If you are reading it, then you know the truth. I am a car enthusiast. I have been a car enthusiast your entire life but never felt that I could tell you. Honestly, it shocks me that you never figured it out, given the oil trails all over the carpet, or the guests I would have over who mysteriously went missing, or the garage I slept in, and so on. You get the point. You’re pretty unobservant, but that’s not your fault. At the moment you’re only partially a car nut, cursed with your mortal perception by your mother.

I had wanted to make you a car enthusiast myself, on your twenty-first birthday. Unfortunately, as you know, I had to sell my cars. Thus, I have asked my old master, Jim the mechanic, to turn you into a car enthusiast instead. He is technically your godfather, so be nice to him. Please enjoy your transformation, and your visit to the car service mechanic in Brunswick. Also, enjoy the fourteen thousand dollars I have left in your name.

Most likely, you are wondering why this workshop even exists. I’m sure you noticed that it was completely deserted on your way down. The truth is, it stands as a shrine. A memory, symbolic of my past life, when I near a mechanic. Brunswick stands for all the places I used to live. Somehow, it reminds me of them all. Treat my old home as a place with respect, and use it to hide anything you need to.

I suppose I should tell you a little about your mother before I go. I met her while working at Jim’s auto shop, and fell instantly in love. We began dating before my own transformation, but unfortunately, Jim turned me into a car enthusiast before we could wed. Car crazy people like me and regular people technically aren’t supposed to be married, so I’m sorry to say that you were an illegitimate child.

Your mother left for her own reasons when you were only a couple of years old. I’m not sure where she is now. Perhaps she is waiting for you, somewhere.

Goodbye, my son. May you enjoy vehicle adventures with a ridiculous amount of riches.

– William Hunter Sr.