My Video Ideas

I’ve been looking into getting some videos done for my business, but I really need to get a great concept first, I believe. Let me brainstorm a few with you now, if you don’t mind. My first idea is to have a video of a man walking forward on a train track, but it’s like an illusion because he’s also walking into a mobile phone that someone is holding. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent, but I think it would definitely catch the attention of my potential customers. Do you think that’s a good idea? If so, I’ll probably get a marketing business for video production to help me out with this video. But no, you’re right, I probably need to consider a few more ideas first, before jumping on one. 

What about a video where there’s a tiny man walking around a camera, and he waves his hands in front of it, trying to work out what’s going on. Then he moves to the back of the camera, jumps on top and tries to push the button down to take a photo. And then a lemon falls from above, hitting the button and taking the photo. Then there’s a voice-over that says, “Life’s easier with a lemon”. You know, because my business sells lemon products. No, you’re right, that’s a terrible idea. I’m not very good at this. Should I be getting a video production company around Melbourne to come up with ideas for me?

Okay, my last idea is to have a video that shows a lemon stuck in a block of ice, but the block of ice is shaped like a glass. The video doesn’t move or anything. It just sits there, like a still shot. There’s absolutely no movement for thirty seconds, until eventually, the voice-over says, “Lemons.” That’s it. My hope is that people will be so intrigued that they will buy all my products. I think this one’s actually a good idea, but maybe I should be leaving it to the experts.