My secret car

We have two cars. A not-so-good older car that I drive, plus a newer car which my mum was gifted by her father. For years it was said that the newer car would become my car and the older one would get replaced with an even newer car. Now that the old car has broken down, I’m left car-less. Somehow this has turned into my mum scolding me and saying that I’m going to take her car from her. I assured her that’s not the case and that I don’t even want her car. She then mentioned buying a new car, but the clincher is that when I asked her if I’ll be allowed to drive the new car she said no! I’m not even responsible for the older car breaking down, so I really don’t understand why I’m being punished. I then put out an offer to buy my own car and in her own confused world somehow that was also a damn issue!

What she doesn’t know is that I’ve arranged to buy a car in secret and it is currently with a mechanic. Near Moorabbin, there a few car dealerships and I managed to find myself a decent used car. Currently, it’s getting serviced and looked over to make sure it is in a roadworthy condition. I will say though, this secret car situation has been giving me the utmost anxiety. I struggle to feel hungry or eat because I’m so nervous about what my mum’s reaction will be. The reality is, she really has no say in the matter but I just can’t be bothered dealing with the ordeal of anger that will hit if she doesn’t approve of this purchase. The car I’ve bought is a good car and I have full access to check logbook service history which is also a plus. Based on the history I’ve seen, this car has only had one female owner and has been kept in good condition over the years. I actually think I’ve snapped up a bit of a bargain with this car.