The Lightning Master

Obviously, I’m the one in control of the lightning, but I feel like I should tone it down. Back in my native realm, it was a neat little party trick in times of peace and a terrifying tool when we were under attack by the trolls, or the spider-folk, or sometimes the gnomes if too many people stood on their toadstool homes. Don’t tell any of the guys, but actually, calling down lightning is VERY imprecise; you only hit what you were going for about 5% of the time. It’s intimidation, though, isn’t it? And very impressive.

But here, a few of my brothers have said that my harmless hobby is disrespectful to local residential electricians, and that it keeps causing power outages and I ‘seriously need to stop’. Oh, boo-hoo. This is my hobby! Still, they did make me see one important detail: I’m causing a lot of power outages, and the more I cause, the more electricians are burdened by workload. This is not ideal. If there aren’t enough electricians to deal with my path of destruction, then I myself don’t get electricity in my apartment…and that means I don’t get Neat-Flicks. Seriously, this is easily the greatest thing mortal society has ever produced. Enchanted pictures that play on demand, in many styles and story types, enough to fill your day, and the next day, and the day after that. I suddenly realised that the enchanted picture box won’t work if there’s no electricity, and that’s the only thing worse than my identity as a lightning mage being stifled. I have no choice but to tone it down a little. 

You win this time, local electricians. You may come and service my fuse box, and fix the…whatever needs to be done. I don’t know much about electricity, funnily enough, but I’ll try not to interfere with your work as much as before.

I haven’t even finished Sarsaparilla Academy yet.