Too Many THINGS!

The truly aggravating thing about learning to be a human is the amount of subtle intricacies. Just a load of tiny little things, too many to count, things you can only learn if you happen to have grown up here. Then you mix in different cultures and suddenly it just becomes totally impossible. Why do people even HAVE culture, anyway? Where I’m from, there’s a central planetary dictatorship, no borders, no cultural differences, we all look the same, and everything revolves around the very simple principle of conquering and destruction. Classes on that would be SUPER simple.

We’re now covering marine stainless steel welding, and that just seems way too specific in terms of what we’re up to. I need more than fishing rod holders to truly understand this planet. But marine welding is extremely important to this place, it allows the faring across the sea, and also the activities associated with fishing. As it turns out, fishing is when you go out on a boat, or sometimes just sit near the place where boats are, and you have a long object with something enticing at the end. The fish them latch on, like total idiots, and you pull them up. They are then consumed for sustenance, and this is referred to as ‘sport’, even though I would not class it as anything of the sort. Too passive, not enough gore.

People enjoy it though, and according to greeting cards, it’s enjoyed by all males over the age of thirty. And connected to this world of fishing rod holders and small rubber cylinders to hold beverages is marine welding. Marine fabrication, in Melbourne, with stainless steel. The steel part is definitely something I can get on board with, especially if it’s stainless. Imagine swarming across enemy worlds with something like that grafted to our mandibles! We would barely have to give them a scrub afterwards and all the fluids would just come right off. So perhaps there is a spark of innovation in this world after all.