Treasure Hunters, Assemble!

The Melbourne Treasure Hunting Society has grown exponentially in the last few months. Six new people, and three of them have actually stayed! With such an influx in membership, we need to start talking about options; specifically, options we have in regards to boats. Currently, we have…one. And it’s not huge, so we can’t all go out looking for treasure at once, especially considering that we need to bring all the diving equipment as well. Currently, we have…one diving suit. Mostly, it’s just safe to assume that we have one of everything, except members; we have eight of those.

I’m sure if we all pitched in we could afford some of Melbourne’s best-rated outboard motor repairs as well! Those are going to be necessary because, well, the outboard motor isn’t working. Yeah, not ideal…and I’m not going to ask everyone to row, because we go pretty far out and I don’t want us to suddenly find loads of treasure, becoming stranded because we can’t row back because we’re so burdened by piles of pirate gold. It’s going to happen at some stage, so it’s best to be prepared for that sort of thing. So you see why we need the outboard motor repairs. To repair the outboard motor, but also, for the efficient carriage of our future fame and fortune.

Big goals are to get a second boat, so that the whole club can go out on the ocean blue, searching for the treasure we know is buried so close to the Melbourne bay area. Or maybe we could find out what happened to Ben, since he went out by himself one day (with our only other boat…) and just vanished. But the treasure would be nice. And then, one we find the first trove of pirate booty, we’ll return in triumph and use the money to find a good place in Melbourne for anchor winch repairs.

Haven’t mentioned it to everyone, but, uh…yep, that’s broken as well. We’ll have to pool our efforts to winch the anchor up ourselves.